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  1. “We have had the fortune of working with CEI for almost four years. They are trustworthy and operate with one thing in mind: making sure that we are satisfied! They never nickel-and-dime a job, and will often offer some services at no charge.”
    Ken M., Penn Forest Products

  2. “CEI treats us like we’re family. Once these guys get to know your system, they do it all from start to finish. We now have peace of mind when it comes to anything our office may need.”
    Ardy S., Precision Millwork

  3. “Took care of us in every way. Not only did they do what they promised, but they went out of their way to take care of many extras at no charge. If anything is needed, they are there when we call them. The camera system they installed is clear, easy to operate and cleanly installed. The digital phone system is state-of-the-art, and the computer network is flawless. Great Job! It’s nice being able to call one place for everything!”
    John K., Teagle Optometry

  4. “I needed help with our computer system and was fortunate to find this company.
    Thorough and detail oriented make me glad that I used their services.
    If needed, I would definitely call them again and recommend them to anyone needing computer repairs or modifications.”
    Jim B., Berry A.C.

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