I.T. Solutions That Work


Technology has gone through a tremendous amount of progress during the last few decades. Yet, as much as it has transformed, its core aspects remain the same. Windows is still basically Windows and the Internet is still the Internet. Just because technology becomes seemingly more complicated doesn't mean that you cannot harness its potential to the fullest.

We specialize in keeping it "real" when it comes to I.T.  We were there when technology was still in its infancy, so we know the many changes that may or may not impact our valued clients. We believe in making the most of what our clients already have, not trying to sell unnecessary frills or solutions just for the sake of being "on the cutting edge."

As a family-owned provider, Compu-Eze Inc. takes pride in being a valuable asset to its clients. Our solutions are no-nonsense and straightforward, nothing more and nothing less. The key to our success is simple: give our clients what they need without complicating their life. Your total satisfaction is our top priority.

Over the years CEI has fine-tuned its solutions to accommodate the medical field.  We offer practitioners of all medical practices custom-made solutions for their particular practice:

  • Complete office set-ups (network, communications, data, etc.)
  • Internet presence and marketing
  • HIPAA  compliance
  • Staff training
  • Surveillance and monitoring
  • Complete web-based claim entry systems (Office Ally)

In addition, CEI offers many advantages over other providers:

  • Genuine Dell® PC's with 3-year warranties and dedicated support
  • Google® specialists that ensure successful marketing
  • Specialized support for OfficeAlly
  • Friendly, English-fluent techs
  • Many references on file



Licensed, bonded, and insured


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