PC’s / Networks / Phone Systems

Complete Business Hardware Support

Complete Business Hardware Support

CEI provides comprehensive I.T. support for your company's infrastructure. We specialize in small business and know how to keep your company running smoothly and efficiently:

  • Complete Network Design
  • Malware/Spyware Removal
  • PC Troubleshooting
  • Onsite/Offsite Data Backup
  • PBX Telephone Systems / Voip
  • Cabling to Commercial Codes

iStock_000005092990XSmallToday's technology is very complex, so much so that even the most trivial task like upgrading one of your computer stations requires a lot of your time and effort. One wrong move, and your entire network may go down! This is why you need someone on your side that has the expertise and experience necessary to effectively diagnose and resolve all of your network issues without creating more problems than already exist. CEI has been in the IT game for a while, and during this time we have fine-tuned our skills to address today's complex technology. Even though operating systems and hardware have constantly changed over the years, we have remained current and feel confident that any problem you may encounter will be effectively addressed by our staff.

dell-partner-newAs a Dell® Partner Direct Partner, CEI provides the best available computers, servers and accessories with extended business-class warranties, support and customized solutions. You can rest assured that your equipment is backed by the reliability and durability you come to expect. 

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