Responsive Web Design

Responsive Design That Adapts To Any Platform

Designs That Adapt To Any Platform

Internet browsing is no longer limited to desktop computers. Today, laptops, tablets and cell phones have become the tools used most frequently to access the Internet. As a result, your website must be able to perform efficiently and seamlessly on any platform it is displayed on. If your website was not built to easily adapt to these new platforms, it will not display or perform correctly. Other features, such as auto-population of phone numbers directly to cell phone dial screens and addresses that automatically populate into cell phone navigation, are necessary in ensuring that your business is ready to deal with this new era of Internet browsing. Without these capabilities, your website will be overlooked.

It might be time to consider a website re-design. Perhaps your site was designed prior to the new necessities of browsing, and unless it is updated to these new standards, your site could be missing out on potential clients who simply cannot browse it efficiently enough. With so many websites today that adhere to the new standards, online shoppers can easily choose other websites and overlook yours.

CEI has the experience and expertise you need to establish a professional website for your business that will conform tho these new Internet browsing standards. Our team has access to the latest tools to get your website built, provide you professional e-mail accounts, maintain your website and keep it safe from hackers, and make sure it gets noticed by using the latest marketing tools like Google AdWords. We provide every aspect of your online presence:

  • Responsive Designs That Adapt To Tablets/Cell Phones
  • Custom/Turnkey Web Designs
  • Social Media/Blog-Friendly
  • WordPress Authoring For Easy Editing
  • SEO Marketing with Visitor Tracking/Google AdWords
  • Domains (Transfers, Auctions)
  • E-mail configuration

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